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Diet - Don't Starve!
by Philip - Thursday, 9 May 2013, 04:38 PM
Bite keyboardWhen planning to lose weight it's important not to starve yourself, e.g. by skipping meals altogether. When you starve yourself your metabolism slows down as a protective mechanism; your body will try and conserve what it has.

If you eat when you are hungry your body believes there is enough food and your metabolism speeds up.

Regular eating (with occasional healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts or seeds) not only has a positive effect on your metabolism, it also helps to maintain balanced blood sugar (for optimal energy) and helps us to avoid overeating.

We also recommend never going on a diet. People who lose weight by dieting tend to put the weight back on within a year or so. Lose weight by following the ‘Five Rules for Lifelong Health Eating'. Go to the Nutrition section of this portal to learn more.

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