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New 'Advanced Relationship-Empathy Test (ART) released...
by Philip - Saturday, 8 March 2014, 06:56 PM
Ever wanted to know what your empathy levels say about ,and do for, you....?
And where you've been holding yourself back in your relationships?

There's been an increasing amount of press and articles around empathy recently. Empathy is fundamental to relationship-building and it's being discussed more and more in relation to its place in society and within organisations.

Increasingly it's become more talked about in relation to it's pivotal role in leadership, particularly when it's now revealed that 80% of people leave jobs because of poor direct line management. We're becoming more acutely aware of what happens when there is a 'lack' of empathy in all types of relationships. As a fundamental component of emotional intelligence we've been looking at this for some time.

And now we've devised the Advanced Relationship-Empathy Test (ART) to show people exactly where their strength's lie and what's holding them back from empowering relationships.

Try it here NOW ...

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