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Manage your weight with the Hunger/Fullness Scale
by Matthew - Friday, 24 September 2010, 10:31 AM

Hunger scale

Whenever you feel like having something to eat, ask yourself how hungry you are using the hunger/fullness scale above.  The scale goes from one, which is when you feel so hungry you’re almost faint, to ten when you feel totally bloated to the point of feeling nauseous. As a general rule, if you are three or four on the scale you’re hungry enough to eat. If you have a score of one or two you're starving.  Be careful to pace yourself at this level to avoid over eating.  

If you feel like eating something but your score is five or six, than you’re not hungry enough to eat. Think about what prompted you to think about eating. Is it because you want some comfort food? What else could you do to cheer yourself up?  Are you thirsty? One of the first signs of moderate dehydration is hunger, so you may need to drink something.

By using the hunger scale every time you feel like eating you can reconnect with want your body needs and wants.

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