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Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat..
by Philip - Saturday, 12 November 2011, 06:44 PM
TOP TIPS for a healthier Christmas

Is this familiar?
Soon many of us will be spending more time eating and drinking than usual as we move into the Christmas season. Parties, family get togethers...New Year's revelling etc.

Then we have the imminent contemplation of the effects of a little excess. Traditionally as many of us throw a little more caution to the wind at these times I thought I'd give some TOP TIPS for having a great Christmas with perhaps a little less post Christmas guilt...

Slim those carbs
1) Did you know that taking our carbohydrate intake down a little at each meal is a simpler way to perhaps enjoy the full delights of Christmas fayre without the need for 'bah humbug' total abstinence or drastic diets after. Examples are say two less potatoes with our Turkey; Perhaps one more serving of fruit at desert time and one slimmer slice of cake?

Veg out on Salad
2) Make a really fantastic and large salad served before the main course helps to fill us up and is very healthy.

Mix our drinks
2) Using mixers with alcoholic drinks (that's soda in wine for instance, larger tonics in your gin...) and having non-alcoholic drinks in between every other drink slows us down and is healthier for us.

Don't sleep on it
3) Remember that not eating within a few hours of bedtime can not only help us sleep better but also is better for us. Also evidence shows that it's better for our waistline. This according to research into shift workers and mice's' eating habits.

So perhaps i'll just have my 'after dinner' after 8's before in future...Just a little thought for food...

Have a very happy, healthy and peaceful festive season!!

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