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Technology linked to happiness, study claims
by Matthew - Wednesday, 15 September 2010, 11:57 AM

A new study claims there are positive links between technology and wellbeing, particularly in developing countries.

BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT (formerly the British Computer Society), analysed the results of a survey of 35,000 people around the world. According to the study, social media and mobile phones were particularly highly valued.

the study found that women in developing countries, and people of both sexes with low incomes or poor education, were most influenced emotionally by their access to technology.

It is partly because women tend to have a more central role in family and other social networks, said researcher Paul Flatters of Trajectory Partnership, which conducted the research on behalf of the BCS.

"Our hypothesis is that women in developing countries benefit more because they are more socially constrained in society," he added.

It seems that communication technology helps give people a voice and access to a wider social network. This has benefits where there are constraints for certain groups of people in a community.

"The next phase of our research is to test that."

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