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Scientists call for a ban on trans fats
by Matthew - Friday, 15 April 2011, 06:35 PM

A recent scientific report has called for a ban on trans fats, as they pose a risk to public health. Chips contain trans fatsExperts writing in the British Medical Journal said that chemically altered vegetable oils, also known as trans fatty acids, were of no nutritional value, increased levels of bad cholesterol and were likely to promote weight gain, diabetes and irregular heart rhythms. Trans fats are found in some cakes, flapjacks, pastries, pies, chips and fast foods.

Eating trans fats is also linked to a "substantial risk of heart disease events", they claimed, adding that the UK should follow the example of several other regions, such as Denmark, New York, California, Switzerland and Austria, in banning the substance.

Its worth checking the ingredients if you want to avoid trans fats. Look for hydrogenated vegetable oil, vegetable fat etc. in the ingredients.

Reference: British Medical Journal 2010;340:c1826

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